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    April 19, 2013
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professionals and in developing the support plans. develop goals and objectives in terms of how they're doing and track them throughout the programs whether it's a camp or general program. i do less sewer programs with the parents we try to find a small neighborhood camp if they enjoy sports skills we'll look for a skills camp weeping we'll look for where they can help the child get involved in the decision. not just for childcare by help parents without children of disabilities and help them choose camps microbe anything to help the meant make the
decisions so the child is happy in the camps >> so a big part of our job is to make sure we have an inclusion this is the photo of a bunch of people there in the camp. the mold we're trying to get is that we do and it says open the screen we do whatever it takes to help children with disabilities in all aspects of recreation and parks. >> so how the process workings in how inclusion works we do the assessments and such but the parents will reasonable for a register their child or an adult
we work with dulls but looking at the children program they'll reasonable for the program and we'll do an assessment and we really promote and our materials are user friendly terms in other words, for our child to have a successful experience they'll contact the coordinator and have an assessment. sometimes i'll call the parents and parents have referrals. we recently did a presentation and we had 3 referrals from the presentation. we get a lot of new families from presentations from different agencies. we do the statement and the program begins and we'll start to develop a support plan, of course, and once the program
begins the supports are in place i'll follow the child throughout their training. and he we'll do the follow-up throughout the summer. we'll do the statement every 3 years as the child matures they'll develop their skills. we do the minute amount of supports they need. we don't also do a one-on-one training. sometimes the program needs to be adopted. and then with - after the program ends we'll get a feedback and do on evaluation and make the changes we need. >> so in trying to think of a
mother for 44 for how we provided our services we came up with the base camp met for. we presented it in the family workshop. but this image is of a mountain range and it's showing some camping equipment mountain kind of equipment. i look at one of the stick figures because i'm bald. i shaved my head but the stick figure on the right is me and vicky is on the left. but we look at ourselves as like the base camp for the kids or people participating in our program. and so our job is to remove barriers so they can participate
in our program. f joe i didn't say going out on one of our programs and we'll be there to do the assessment get them all already and provided them that the equipment to go off on his adventure. he can climb up one of the maintains we're also there and if he finished his adventure and his ready for another one. we try to get the parents to know they can follow them with recreation and park. this next imagine is
illustrating with the proper support this won't happen this is a slide of somebody climbing up a maintain he didn't have the right support and he's falling off the mountain. we're also who i contact if you need accomodations. this next slide the vertical we have on our website about requesting accommodates. this is a recreation and parks everybody plays the department welcomes people of all abilities to enjoy argue facilities and to
participate in the classes. if you need accumulations please wall u call us at 415 - 206 - 1546 or vicky dot pit in her at 70 pi t n e r at 70 gov. please note that requesting awe accommodates
>> so we try to make our big events and small once too as assessable if it's a large event we do it without requests and providing assessable parking and front of line passes. and this is a picture of a happy family that all dressed up as vampires. the boy in a wheelchair has taken advantage of a hay ride event. i forgot to mention before vicky mentioned i'd like to say and i mean that vicky saved my life we have the proper tools in our kids to believe to evaluate
children p with disabilities. this image is the front cover of our simmer camp guide. next we're going to talk about successful programs we've included kids in throughout our program. look you can sign up for anything we offer and we'll make it work >> she gets a lot of slack for the very important life she saved. so we're going to show imagines from different activities and this may not be the actual child but it is an example of all the kinds of programs that children
h have had successful inclusions. do we have an i mention of our rock climbing wall and she's climbing up the walking up wall. the next imagine is a swim class the children are all holding swimming paddles. the next is is theatrical production. i'm not sure what show this is fro about vicky worked with the coordinator. the next imagine is a bunch of kids playing tennis. we've done is great things here. the next singes a butch you have kids sitting in a circle they're doing their morning meeting or
activity at one of our outdoor camps. and a our inclusion as you doubled in numbers each summer and that's where we see the most but it's increasing during the school year with vicky doing the assessments and playing kids in different programs. so last summer vicky worked with summer camp kids and a accident assessments and this summer i'm afraid to get somebody but that's the only which were we knew if they had during the summer and a worked with for a lot of other who didn't find out about it. this is our arts and craft
activities. and then the next imagine is a row of children ready to shoot their boys. we put this image in here because we did some inclusion we accident a pilot program and last summer we're doing an inclusion week the first week of june and actually very rare there's space for that with or week. we're going to have extra staff and do specialized activities and make sure it's very inclusive this year. this is vicky >> that is a fencing class we
we have a young boy doing that. this was kind of fun. he's been quite successful and has a syndrome so working with the instructor he said that kids that are concrete do really well, but the child was so excited about the equipment and he was telling all his friends at school this is the first time i've been excited he was tlifrd to be in the class. it's exciting to be able to include those kids in classes that we wouldn't otherwise be able to be in.
>> we're doing our little dance up here which is back and forth. now we want to talk about our specialized programs. so we have aa s l american sign language program this is our picture from our neighborhood day camp and we're excited about this. we started this last year and we're going to do 7 weeks this year and we consider this a reverse inclusion camp. it's completely he assessable to the kids but any kid can sign up so long as they're interested in learning american sign language
so they'll ail holding up their books and doing i love you signs. >> so at silver tree was our first time inclusion camp of children with autism which is included in silver tree so our first camp was in 2011. this is our music therapist working with our children in grand canyon. we did specialized classes and last summer we have a had a second camp and this is totally inclusion for children on the
autism spectrum. and we have playday there's no picture for this program but it's a saturday program to offer something for paternity it's held one saturday a month this is for the younger children. we hope to add another program this fall >> another one of our sppsz program see the organic program we offer this tor blind or death or heard of hearing some are deaf. this is a picture of this lady.
they make is easy for the seniors to be able to do the garden ing. a couple of other programs i want to make sure i mentioned are our american sign language cafe that's on thursday evening. and we also have our swim program which is a swim program where the parents get in the pool it's designed tor kids with autism. we're hoping to expand that. so this slide shows a picture of the new inclusion building this is the front entrance from 15th street in the mission
. that's the pool by the building is our inclusion center. its mission plagued and the address is 3555, 19th street. just waiting to see if it gets on the screen and it's between valencia and at the inclusion center phone is 215 - 206 - 1546.
(815) 206-1546 that's so exciting i don't know. so this is how you can find us at the inclusion center. i guess so. 4. 1546 is it right? it's printed as well. okay. so we also provided you with - priority the council members and we have some copies up here with our everybody plays flier with our contact information and how you can find it. it's telling me me to speed up.
so we have our everybody plays flier and we have some up here you can find us on the at project insight and you can like us on focusing this is our second to the last imagine is our brand new focusing page. it's small print at the bottom but it had six likes. carla might be number 7 you will be an elicit member of this group. soon it will have many, many more likes and so we would like to thank you. this is a picture of children
captured under a parachute and this is called the mushroom and we would like to thank you for having us today and we would like to invite you to come out to the parks and recreation department because everybody plays >> i have so say, i remember you guys because my child was in your program t wilson. wonderful program. every year she got to tell everyone her experience and it actually grew her into a wonderful adult woman. thank you first-hand experience >> i was going to say thank you and tell your daughter i said hi
and a okay councilmembers any questions? staff? is there any questions? >> thank you lucas and vicky for a wonderful presentation and for clearing it up the difference between the services. i am noticing that a lot of your work is around children or adult in the autism speck trim can you give us a little bit of background as of why? >> excuse me. as recent as march the current statistics that one in 50 children right now are being diegd or have autism. when i started in the field it was one in 6 hundred so it's definitely on the rise.
some say it's due to better diagnosis. they really don't know some say older fathers have higher risk of children with autism. there's not a cause identified. a lot of children with autism have aa hd as well. personally i think they're getting better at dizzying it. i think there are a lot of children with other disorders. here in the bay rate there's a high rate of children with autism. there's some speculation as to why that's the case. the growth in the technology
feed have attracting a lot of people would know commuter >> and it does tend to run in families. it tends to run in families they're not saying it's hereditary that you by you know someone who had two children with autism. i think that's why they have a lot of - while there is a lot of children with autism because we serve a great deal. and they said what about all the
other children with other syndromes? i said your tackle tackling a group of kids to really provided services for so my hat a off to rec and parks to serve a lot of kids that doesn't get services >> i was hoping you'd talk about is the fact if the rec and parks departments and especially they've been concerned with the camps and i understand that a lot of those other programs have been a part of the advocate of any support for families. that depose to say that
listening to the needs of the community is important. >> i think it's the demand. we're getting a lot of kids with syndrome. i did a child scheduled with another syndrome. the demand is there and we're getting the referrals because they know we serve >> thank you. is there anyone anymore questions? okay. so we're going to open it up to the public >> thank you very much. >> i do have jerry grace.
hey are you guys - thank you, ma'am for coming and giving us information. i do have a question to you guys. what is - the other part you left out is the age and the other part people don't know how you get to the camp and how to do it in the camp and i never heard you say anything about tense and the other stuff. and the part i left out and i don't know if you have anybody in special olympics or if you ever heard of special olympic please explain to us about the
age in the other stuff >> thank you that's a great question. rec and park offers pretty much every kind of activities awe - water sport and we do everybody we can to make sure that kids and adults can a participant in anything they choose to participate in. so specifically for our specialized programs are adopted recreation programs we over programs in the camps. i asked about camps as well are particularly for middle age kids we're really trying to expand our recreation programs for teenagers and young adults
because that's a - you know, for support for families that's a huge area that needs more attention. but we offer inclusion for any young teens and adult and duties and seniors we try to serve everybody from every age group. and with regard to the special olympics it used to be part of recreation and parks many, many years ago. and we still - they still hold some of their events at the stadium but we're note directly associated with the olympics anymore and one of the questions i. >> one of the questions i forgot